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Worldwide Relocation

There is plenty of relocation information available on the internet, so we've looked around for some of the best sites and placed them all here together.   You'll find useful links for any move, military or civilian.  Information on Fort Gordon and Augusta is on our Fort Gordon relocation page; this page is made up of links to sites concerning world-wide relocation.   

You may notice that some sites are listed in more than one category.  Some sites are hard to categorize, so we've included multiple listings.

Before making a move, remember to request a sponsor.

Relocation Tools and Information


  • AHRN - Automated Housing Referral Network

Apartments and Rental Properties

  • AHRN - Automated Housing Referral Network

Hotels and Temporary Lodging


Pets and Relocation

POV Shipment, Storage, and Driving




Destination Information



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