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Commonly Used Date Rape Drugs

Alcohol- most widely used date rape drug, a Central Nervous System depressant that slows brain activity. Quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and circulates through all major parts of the body.

GHB- (Gamma Hydroxybuterate)- Street names are Liquid X, Georgia Home Boy, Easy Lay, Scoop G.  A Central Nervous System depressant that can cause feelings of euphoria and/or hallucinations.  Marked by drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, seizures, and coma. Clear or yellow liquid with a bitter taste.  Takes10-20 minutes to ingest and effects last about 4 hours. Leaves the body completely in about 10-12 hours.  

Rohypnol-  Some common street names are Roofies, Roachies, Poor Manís Quaalude, Mexican Valium., Love Drug. This drug is a sedative. Creates a sleepy and relaxed feeling. Symptoms include dizziness, confusion, loss of motor coordinator.   Takes 20 minutes to ingest and effects can last for 8-10 hours.  Very cheap and easy to get.

Katemine - (Ketamine Hydrochloride) Street names are Special K, Vitamin K, OK, KO, Kid Rock,Date Rape Drug. Ketamine is used as a sedative and/or anesthetic. It is found in a white powder or liquid form. Symptoms include experiencing a dreamy, trance-like feeling, slurred speech and cardiac excitement. It take approximately 10-20 minutes to experience the drug's effects and last up to three hours, however the drug can be detected up to 48 hours.

Due to the short duration of the date rape drug in the body, it is important to seek medical assistance immediately to address any suspicion of being a recipient of these substances.





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