MEMORANDUM FOR Supervisor of Jane Doe


SUBJECT: Compressed Work Schedule (CWS)

1. Request approval to work the following compressed work schedule:

Day of Week:                        Mon   Tue   Wed   Thu    Fri    Total

First Week of Pay Period:        9        9        9        9        8      44

Second Week of Pay Period:    9        9       9        9         0     36

Total: 80

(NOTE: Employees should show their choice for a CWS by entering "9" eight times for eight 9-hour days, an "8" for the one 8-hour day, and "0" for the day off OR entering "10" four times for each week of the pay period.)

2. My tour of duty will be 0730-1700 (Monday - Thursday) and 0730-1600 (Friday)

3. This request is for the pay period beginning 20 November 1994 and will remain in effect until further notice

4. I understand that by requesting a CWS my overtime entitlements are limited to hours in excess of the 8, 9, or 10 hours scheduled. (This paragraph will be deleted for NAF employees.)



                                                                             Employee’s signature  


X Approved ___Disapproved



                                                                             Supervisor’s signature  


                                                             Figure 1. Sample Format for Request for CWS