Home Based Telework Agreement
Fort Gordon, Georgia

The following constitutes an agreement between (supervisor) __________________ and (employee) _________________________.

Terms and conditions of the Telework (Flexiplace) Program:

Employee agrees to participate in this program on a voluntary basis and to adhere to the applicable guidelines and policies. Employee recognizes that the flexiplace arrangement for home based work is not an employee benefit but an additional method Fort Gordon may approve to accomplish work. Normal rules and procedures apply for authorizing, approving, earning, and using of leave, overtime, compensatory time, etc. Failure to obtain prior approval for overtime work may result in the employee's removal from the home based telecommuting program.

  1. For purposes of the pilot program, the employee agrees to furnish his/her own office space, telephone, computer and internet access. Other supplies such as diskettes, paper, etc., may be furnished by the main office.
  2. Fort Gordon agrees that a telework agreement is not a basis for changing the employee's salary or benefits. The supervisor agrees that the employee's official duty station while telecommuting is at the following home address: __________________________________________________________________________ 
  3. The official duties to be performed at the home based work site are attached. Employee's time and attendance will be recorded as performing official duties at the home based telecommuting worksite. The normal duty day must be accounted for by hours worked, some form of authorized leave, or any combination thereof. All leave and travel entitlements will be based on the employee's official duty station. The timekeeper will keep a copy of the agreement containing the employee's home based work schedule and tour of duty.
  4. The agreement is made for a specified period of time not to exceed 6 months. The employee may work at home a maximum of 1 day per week during the agreement period. Employee agrees to participate in this program for the period of time beginning ___________ and ending ___________.
  5. Work Schedule and Tour of Duty: __________________________________________________________________________
  6. The supervisor agrees to let the employee resume his or her regular schedule at the main office after notice to the supervisor. Employee understands that the agency may cancel the home based telecommuting arrangement and instruct the employee to resume working at the main office. Nothing in this agreement precludes the supervisor from taking any appropriate disciplinary or adverse action against an employee who fails to comply with the provisions of this agreement.

Employee's Signature and Date _________________________________________________________

Supervisor's Signature and Date _________________________________________________________

The supervisor and employee should keep a copy of this agreement for reference.