Directorate of Human Resources

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Selection Procedures
                                                    Sample Questions for Interview

1. Why are you interested in this position?

2. What value do you believe you could bring to this position?

3. Why do you wish to leave your present job?

4. What skills do you possess that you feel are directly related to this position?

5. Describe the most difficult problem you have had to deal with.

6. Describe how you handled an unpopular or difficult task.

7. Do you perform better in a group environment or independently?

8. Would you describe yourself as concept oriented or task oriented and why?

9. How do you handle multiple assignments and interruptions?

10. What are your thoughts on customer service?

11. How do you approach changes?

12. What are your immediate and long-range career goals?

13. How would you describe your relationship with your co-workers?

14. What do you think is the most effective management style?

15. How would you describe yourself?

16. What new career challenges would you like to experience?

17. How do you handle criticism of your performance?