Civilian employees normally forfeit unused annual leave in excess of 240 hours at the end of the leave year. Employees may have forfeited leave restored to them if the leave was scheduled in advance with the employee subsequently being denied the opportunity to take that scheduled leave die to the exigencies of public business, a lengthy period of illness, or an administrative error. In cases of the leave being denied due to an exigency of public business, that leave must have been requested in
writing the 3rd bi-weekly pay period prior to the end of the leave year. i.e., December 2, 2001. (5 CFR 630.308)

Commanders of TRADOC installations and activities may delegate exigency approval authority to the lowest level practical within their command. However, (a) the exigency determination may not be made by any official whose leave would be affected by the decision, and (b) no officials with delegated authority may approve exigencies that affect employees for whom they are the leave-approving officials.

To restore leave forfeited as a result of an exigency or illness, an employee must submit a written request to the management official delegated authority to approve the restoration. A Standard Form 71, Application for Leave, may be used for this. Documentation must include the following:

- The calendar date the leave was scheduled, i.e., approved by the official authority to approve leave,

- The date(s) during which the leave was scheduled for actual use and the amount of leave (days/hours) that was scheduled for use,

- Reasons for the subsequent canceling of approved leave (e.g., if because of an exigency of the public business, documentation must include the beginning and ending dates of the exigency,

- The calendar date the canceled leave was rescheduled for use, and

- The date(s) during which the leave was rescheduled for use and the amount of leave that was rescheduled for use.

The request will be reviewed and, upon determination that documentation is adequate, the official will authorize the restoration of the leave. The authorization will be forwarded, together with the supporting documents, to the CPAC Office, Bldg 33720, Room 307, Attn: Customer Service Representative. Restored leave must be used within two calendar years of its restoration.

Note: Leave that is restored as a result of administrative error will be reinstated by DFAS.