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Department of the Army
Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Civilian Personnel, G-1
South Central Region, Civilian Human Resources Agency
Fort Gordon Civilian Personnel Advisory Center
271 Heritage Park Lane, Bldg. 35200
Fort Gordon, GA 30905-5000
Tel: 706-791-3840
DSN: 780-3840
Fax: 706-791-5595
Job Information Center
Hours: 0730-1600 (M-F)
Appropriated Fund Employees
Hours: 0730-1630 (M-F)
Non-Appropriated Fund Employees
Hours: 0730-1600 (M-F)

Fort Gordon Civilian Personnel Advisory Center

Welcome to the CPAC electronic information resource for personnel issues.  We invite you to use the many tools available to assist employees and managers in making personnel decisions in the fast changing human resources area.

The Civilian Personnel Advisory Center's (CPAC) goal is to provide accurate and timely advisory services in the administration of civilian personnel services in a regionalized environment.  This office is responsible for developing, promoting, and monitoring civilian personnel policies to meet the needs of management, supervisors, and the workforce and represents the installation by putting information at their fingertips.


Frequently Asked Questions

CPACQ. Is sick leave charged in one-quarter hour increments or 1 hour increments for a bargaining-unit employee?

A: Sick Leave is charged in one-quarter hour increments for all employees.

Q: Is annual leave charged in one-quarter hour increments or 1 hour increments for a bargaining-unit employee?

A: Annual Leave is charged in one hour increments for bargaining-unit employees.

Q: I am a former Federal employee and need to obtain copies of my personnel actions. Who should I contact to get these copies?

A: Civilian personnel files of former Federal employees are stored at the National Personnel Records Center for Civilian Records. Contact information and instructions on how to request records are at Since all requests for records must have a signature, we cannot forward email requests to them.

Q: How can I check on the status of a resume and/or self-nomination I submitted through The Army Civilian Resume Builder?

A: ANSWER - Army Notification System Web Enabled Response System is used now that the regional resume databases are centralized.

Q: How will I know if there is a problem with my resume or self-nomination?

A: If you have submitted your resume or self-nomination to the Central Resumix database you should check ANSWER for the status. You will see if your resume and/or self-nomination have been accepted or the reason it was not accepted. The best way to be sure your resume and self-nomination information is current is to check ANSWER.

Q: What does “reinstatement” mean?

A: Reinstatement is the reemployment of a former Federal employee, including spouses hired under overseas local dependent hiring authorities who have reinstatement rights upon return to the United States. Excluding spouses who obtain eligibility through overseas service, a reinstatement eligible is an applicant who previously held a career or career-conditional appointment with a Federal Agency, but is not now a Federal employee. There is no time limit on the reinstatement of a veterans preference eligible or a person who has completed the service requirement for career tenure. Nonpreference eligibles who have not attained career tenure normally can only be reinstated within 3 years of the date of their earlier separation.

Individuals with reinstatement rights can be noncompetitively placed in positions at grades equal to or lower than the grade they previously held. Reinstatement eligibles can also compete along with merit promotion candidates for positions at higher grades than they previously held as long as they meet the same requirements as inservice placement candidates. If selected, the applicant would be Reinstated to the Federal Service

Q: How long do I have to wait for my WGI?

A: Following are the waiting periods and the affects of nonpay status on waiting periods for General Schedule and Federal Wage System employees.

Waiting Period for General Schedule (GS) (full-time) with a prearranged regularly scheduled tour of duty:

Waiting Period for Federal Wage System (WG/WS) (full-time) with a prearranged regularly scheduled tour of duty:

NONPAY STATUS may have a negative impact upon a waiting period. GS Employees with a prearranged regularly scheduled tour of duty:

WG/WS Employees with a prearranged regularly scheduled tour of duty are allowed:

CPACGS Employees without a prearranged regularly scheduled tour of duty (Intermittent) will have his/her waiting period extended by the excess amount.

WG/WS Employees without a prearranged regularly scheduled tour of duty (Intermittent).

Any day on which a part-time period service is performed constitutes a full day.

Q: Do I get locality if I am on a special salary rate table (example: engineers, IT Specialists)?

A: No, when on a special salary rate table, you receive no locality pay.

Q:. How do I apply for a job at Fort Gordon?

A: First, you must create a resume using the Army Resume Builder. Second, you must send the resume to the central database. Third, check ANSWER using the same user ID and PIN you used for the Army Resume Builder to ensure your resumes status states "Active". Finally, self nominate for the position you are interested in at the CPOL website under Army Vacancies or click on this link to go directly to the announcement search screen:

Q. What is Ft Gordon's Minimum Area of Consideration?

A: Ft Gordon's minimum Area of consideration is: DA Career/Career conditional employees to include DCIPS (formerly CIPMIS), Ft Gordon Permanent NAF Employees, Competitive reinstatement eligibles, Veterans Employment Opportuntity Act (VEOA) eligibles, Ft. Gordon DOD employees working with DFAS, and Interragency Career Transition Assistance Plan (ICTAP) eligibles.

Q: What do the numeric ratings mean in the personnel system for performance ratings?

A: 5 = E: Exceptional, 4 = H: Highly Successful, 3 = L: Fully Successful, 2 = M: Needs improvement, 1 = U: Unsuccessful

Q: When do I nominate someone for Civilian of the Quarter and is there a particular format?

A: FG Regulation 672-6 on our website:, then click on "Civilian of the Quarter."

Q: What are my PCS entitlements?

A: Please refer to our website at

Q: How do I get my household goods moved?

A: Take five copies of your PCS orders to Transportation, 791-4184/2335, Darling Hall, Bldg. 33720.

Q: Where do I submit my settlement vouch for PCS?

A: Directly to DFAS Columbus, via fax at 614-693-2463 or DSN: 869-2463, via email to COL-TRAVEL-CLAIMS@DFAS.MIL, or vial mail to Travel Operations Columbus, ATTN: DFAS-PTB/CO, P.O. Box 369015, Columbus, OH 43236-9015. Please refer to our website for additional information at:

Q: What regulation governs civilian awards?

A: AR 672-20 which is located at, then click "Army Regulation 672-20."

Q: How do I order honorary awards?

A: The LCI Self Service Supply Store on Ft Gordon carries the service pins and honorary awards. For more information on awards, please refer to our website at


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