Standard Operating Procedure No. SCRS


July 30, 2001


1.BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: The Federal Career Intern Program is designed to help agencies recruit and attract exceptional individuals into a variety of occupations and to prepare them for careers in the analysis and execution of public programs. It was created under Executive Order 13162 July 10, 2000, and is intended for positions at grade levels GS-5, 7, and 9. In general, individuals are appointed to a 2-year internship. Upon successful completion of the internships, the interns may be eligible for permanent placement within an agency.



    1. Civilian Personnel Advisory Center and Management should use the appointment authority judiciously and must have a clearly established formal training and development program prior to use. This authority will not be used for Administrative Career with America (ACWA) positions. See Appendix A for ACWA series.
    2. CPAC and management should establish there is an occupational need to hire, train, develop and mature the replacement of our workforce.
    3. CPAC and management can use this appointing authority at Job Fairs, College recruitment and other similar events in which prospective applicants are likely to be attracted.
    1. CPACs can post specific job announcements for these events to alert candidates of job openings but it is not a requirement.
    2. Recruiters, managers and/or functional representatives should be prepared to make tentative job offers.
    3. Job offers can be finalized within the next day as long as the applicants meet the OPM qualifications standards and veteran preference rules have been applied.
    1. CPAC and management must have a training or career development plan in place that provides the type and level of training for the two-year program which can be provided to a prospective applicant and CPOC with information on the type and level of training for the two year program.
    2. CPAC will provide the application, career or training development plan, and information on selection process (copy of job announcement if applicable and statement there were no veterans to be considered) to the CPOC for processing.
    3. CPOC will clear DoD Priority Placement Program for clearance using the training option covered in Chapter 4, paragraph 4B(12) of the PPP Operations Manual.
    4. If PPP is cleared, CPOC will appoint the selectee in the excepted service. Appointments may be made at any grade level for which the agency has a formal training program in place. The intent of the program is to hire at the GS-5, GS-7, and GS-9 levels. There is no program limitation on the promotion potential for jobs filled through this authority. Appointing authority is at 5 CFR 213.3202(o).
    5. Management will inform the CPAC and CPOC to convert the selectee to a career conditional or career appointment upon completion of the training. This is not an automatic conversion and management can exercise discretion in this conversion process.
    6. Current employees that are career or career conditional within an agency have return rights to the position they vacate. Return right option is during the duration of the training and does not extend after completion of the training.
    7. Program authority will be jointly administered between the South Central CPOC and Civilian Personnel Advisory Centers (CPAC).
    8. Pay retention shall apply to any employee whose rate of basic pay would otherwise be reduced as a result of the placement of the employee in a formal employee development program generally utilized Government-wide such as Upward Mobility, Apprenticeship, and Career Intern Programs. This is covered under 5 CFR 536.104(a)(6).






ACWA positions are covered under the Luevano Consent Decree. Luevano Consent Decree is a court decree entered on November 19, 19821 by the US District Court for The District of Columbia in the civil action known as Luevano v. OPM. The decree has as its purpose the elimination of adverse impact, if any, in the appointment of Blacks and Hispanics to a variety of positions at GS-5 and GS-7 formerly covered by the Professional and Administrative Career Examination (PACE). In addition to the series being one of those listed, a covered position must also meet ALL of the following criteria: (a) It is being filled at either the GS-5 or GS-7; (b) It is classified at 2 grade intervals; and (c) it must have promotion potential to GS-9 or higher.


0011 Bond Sales Promotion

0018 Safety and Occupational Health


0020 Community Planning*

0023 Outdoor Recreation Planning

0025 Park Ranger

0028 Environmental Protection Specialist

0080 Security Administration

0101 Social Science* **

0105 Social Insurance Administration

0106 Unemployment Insurance

0107 Health Insurance Administration

0110 Economics*

0130 Foreign Affairs*

0131 International Relations*

0132 Intelligence

0140 Manpower Research and Analysis*

0142 Manpower Development

0150 Geography*

0170 History*

0180 Psychology*

0184 Sociology*

0187 Social Services

0190 General Anthropology*

0193 Archeology*

0201 Personnel Management

0205 Military Personnel Management

0212 Personnel Staffing

0221 Position Classification

0222 Occupational Analysis

0223 Salary and Wage Administration

0230 Employee Relations

0233 Labor Relations

0235 Employee Development

0244 Labor Management Relations Examining

0246 Contractor Industrial Relations

0249 Wage and Hour Compliance

0270 Federal Retirement Benefits

0301 Miscellaneous Administration and


0334 Computer Specialist

(Trainee, Alternative B Qualifications)

0341 Administrative Officer

0343 Program Management and Program


0346 Logistics Management

0391 Telecommunications Specialist

0501 Financial Administration and Programs**

0526 Tax Technician

0560 Budget Analysis

0570 Financial Institution Examining

0673 Hospital Housekeeping Management

0685 Public Health Program Specialist

0950 Paralegal Specialist

0958 Pension Law Specialist

0962 Contact Representative

0965 Land Law Examining

0967 Passport and Visa Examining

0987 Tax Law Examining

0990 General Claims Examining

0991 Worker's Compensation Claims


0993 Railroad Retirement Claims Examining

0994 Unemployment Compensation Claims


0996 Veterans Claims Examining

1001 General Arts and Information**

1015 Museum Management (Curator)*

1035 Public Affairs

1082 Writing and Editing

1083 Technical Writing and Editing

1101 General Business and Industry**

1102 Contracting Series*

1103 Industrial Property Management

1104 Property Disposal

1130 Public Utilities Specialist

1140 Trade Specialist

1145 Agricultural Program Specialist

1146 Agricultural Marketing

1147 Agricultural Market Reporting

1150 Industrial Specialist

1160 Financial Analysis

1163 Insurance Examining

1165 Loan Specialist

1169 Internal Revenue officer

1170 Realty

1171 Appraising

1173 Housing Management Specialist

1176 Building Management

1412 Technical Information Services

1420 Archivist*

1421 Archives Specialist

1654 Printing Management Specialist*

1701 General Education and Training* **

1715 Vocational Rehabilitation

1720 Educational Program*

1801 General Inspection, Investigation, and


[Restricted to following positions and


Civil Aviation Security Specialist (FAA


Center Adjudication Officer (INS Only)

District Adjudication Officer (INS Only)]

1810 General Investigator**

1811 Criminal Investigator**

1812 Game Law Enforcement

1816 Immigration Inspection

1831 Securities Compliance Examining

1854 Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms


1864 Public Health Quarantine Inspection

1889 Import Specialist

1890 Customs Inspection

1910 Quality Assurance Specialist

2001 General Supply**

2003 Supply Program Management

2010 Inventory Management

2030 Distribution Facilities and Storage


2032 Packaging

2050 Supply Cataloging

2101 Transportation Specialist**

2110 Transportation Industry Analysis

2125 Highway Safety

2130 Traffic Management

2150 Transportation Operations

* Series have specific educational requirements

**For positions formerly covered under the Professional and Administrative Careers Examination.

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