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Fort Gordon New Arrivals

Welcome to the U.S. Army Fort Gordon Garrison and the Central Savannah River Area! As the Army’s model installation for the 21st century, Fort Gordon is dedicated to increasing its own Army community’s involvement and the local civilian community’s involvement in day-to-day support management operations.

Leading the way into the 21st century, Fort Gordon is transforming from an isolated Army installation into an integrated community in the Augusta area.

Fort Gordon is extremely proud of its successful community partnerships that support the mission and complement the installation management action plan.

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All personnel arriving at Fort Gordon as permanent party should report to the Soldier Service Center, Darling Hall, Building 33720, on the corner of Chamberlain Avenue and Kilbourne Street. When reporting, personnel should have orders, DA Form 31 (Request and Authority for Leave) and all personnel records, as well as medical and dental records. (706) 791-1331.

15th Regimental Signal Brigade Personnel and IET Soldiers assigned to the 15th Regimental Signal Brigade, click here.
Personnel assigned to the National Security Agency/Central Security Services Georgia should report to Building 28423 on Brainard Avenue. (706) 791-9181.
Personnel assigned to the 782nd Military Intelligence Battalion should report to Fort Gordon Soldier Service Center, Darling Hall, Bldg 33720, on the corner of Chamberlain Avenue and Kilbourne Street during normal duty hours 0730-1600. If after normal duty hours call the contact duty officer at (762) 218-9170.

Trainee/student personnel reporting after 4 p.m. weekdays and on weekends and holidays should report to the Receiving and Processing Company, Building 25710, on Barnes Avenue. (706) 791-8314.

Reporting information is also available at the Military Police Station, Building 32422, on Rice Road. (706) 791-4380.

Relocation Readiness Program
(706) 791-4181/1922 DSN 780-XXXX

The Relocation Readiness Program is a comprehensive program designed to help Families in the relocation process. Welcome packets, including lending closet information and local community information, are distributed to Soldiers, AIT Soldiers and Families. For personnel leaving Fort Gordon, the program offers counseling and information about other installations. Call to request unit sponsorship training.

(706) 791-5116/7067/9658 DSN 780-XXXX

Welcome to the Fort Gordon Housing Office.  Our mission is to give assistance, guidance and quality up-to-date information to our service members to help make relocating as stress free as possible.  You are our nation’s most valued resource and we will strive to make sure you always feel that way.

On-post housing is operated by Balfour Beatty Communities, located on post at 155 3rd Avenue, Fort Gordon, GA. If you wish to reside in on post housing you must coordinate with Balfour Beatty Communities either at their office on post, on the web at or by contacting them at (706) 772-7041. Their hours of operation are Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. with limited staff available 4:30 – 6:00, therefore all appointments should be scheduled prior to 4:30 p.m.

The Housing Services Office (HSO), located in Room 129, Darling Hall, Building 33720, on Chamberlain Avenue and Kilbourne Street, manages off-post relocation and referral services and occupant complaints for the installation and is open Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Please visit our page at for a list of services we offer and links to assist with your search for off post housing.

Service Members on Permissive TDY for house hunting in conjunction with PCS leave must report to the HSO on the FIRST DAY of PTDY and receive a housing stamp and date on their DA 31 leave form.  If the leave form is not properly stamped and dated by housing, finance will charge you regular annual leave instead of PTDY. 

The Residential Communities Services (RCI) office at Fort Gordon serves as the primary government liaison with our family housing privatization partner - Balfour Beatty Communities (BBC).  Members of the RCI office work with BBC to make sure that the best possible family housing and housing services are being provided to the nearly 1,100 military families residing at Fort Gordon.  The RCI office monitors command and resident satisfaction with BBC operations, and when necessary recommends changes aimed at improving those operations.  In sum, the RCI office personnel track all aspects of BBC housing activities including:  wait listing, move-ins, move-outs, accomplishment of work orders, contract work such as landscaping, pest control, and garbage collection, and all other day to day housing functions as well as execution of housing development work that includes new construction, renovation, and demolition.

The Unaccompanied Personnel Housing (UPH) is located in Room 129, Darling Hall, Building 33720, on Chamberlain Avenue. The UPH staff manages all Single Soldier housing needs, certificate of non-availability (CNA) and statement of non-availability (SNA) requests. There are no unaccompanied personnel housing for officers and senior enlisted personnel available on the installation. Information pertaining to unaccompanied personnel housing can be obtained by calling (706) 791-9701, Mon – Fri from 0800 to 1700 hrs.

Lodging Facilities
(706) 790-3676

Transient lodging at Fort Gordon is operated by the Intercontinental Hotel Group.


(706) 791-4184, DSN 780-4184
Darling Hall, Building 33720

The Transportation Office is located in Darling Hall, Building 33720. Transportation will advise military personnel on weight restrictions and allowances, and assist with inbound shipments of household goods and other moving details.

Claims Office
(706) 791-7132/3630, DSN 7132/3630
Building 29718

The Claims Office processes claims for lost or damaged property, personal injury, death, disasters, and other costs arising from Army operations. Hours of operation are Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Appointments may be made outside those hours by calling 791-7132/3630. 

Please be sure to read our Newcomers Memo for additional information.

Installation Vehicle Access
(706) 791-4593/4590, DSN 780-4593/4590
Darling Hall, Building 33720

Drivers who want to enter Fort Gordon must possess a valid DoD ID card or a valid Fort Gordon Pass. Passes will only be issued to visitors in the right lane at Gate 1, accessible from the Jimmy Dyess Parkway. To obtain a temporary pass, visitors must have a valid driver's license, proof of insurance and vehicle registration. DoD vehicle decals are no longer used for access at Fort Gordon. All vehicles are subject to random inspections. For more information contact the MP Admin Office located on the first floor of Darling Hall, Building 33720, Room 151.

ID Cards and DEERS Office
(706) 791-1927/791-1930
Darling Hall, Building 33720

The ID Card Section/DEERS Office is located in Room 161, of Darling Hall, Building 33720. Hours of operation are Monday through Wednesday and Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. and Thursday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Firearms/Weapons Registration

(706) 791-4380, DSN 780-4380
Building 32422

All personnel who possess privately owned firearms/weapons and reside on the installation must register them within 72 hours of arrival on the installation at the Military Police Station, Building 32422 on Rice Road. Fort Gordon regulation 210-13 and Fort Gordon Form 9243 establishes the criteria for possessing, registering, carrying, concealing, and transporting firearms and/or other deadly or dangerous weapons and instruments on Fort Gordon.

Freedom Park School
(706) 796-8428
Building 43400

Freedom Park School is a Richmond County Board of Education School serving grades K-8. All K-8 school students who live on-post are zoned to attend Freedom Park. Educational opportunities are available through a basic curriculum including language arts, math, science, social studies, health, physical education and fine arts. These should be in conjunction with creative ideas, positive input and active parental involvement. All educational activities should be presented in an atmosphere that is conducive to learning yet allows enough flexibility to address individual differences.

Freedom Park School’s goal is to produce a learning climate in which students achieve, regardless of their socioeconomic or ethnic background. The goals of Freedom Park School are to build the self-esteem of all students, to provide programs enhanced by computer technology, to support and enforce the academic program that is given from the state and county and to encourage a supportive and open partnership among students, teachers, parents and community.

The faculty and staff of Freedom Park School believe in dedication to academic and social excellence. Teachers have the challenge of educating the nation’s most valued resources intellectually, socially, emotionally, as well as physically. Quality education and high test scores are the criteria that inspire faculty and staff to keep abreast of the ever changing educational trends. Realizing that complacency has no place in the classroom, teachers stress self-improvement through higher education.

Freedom Park School is located at 345 42nd St., Building 43400, off Avenue of the States.


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