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Military Personnel Services Division
Darling Hall
Chamberlain Avenue
Fort Gordon, GA 30905
Automated Directory Attendant System (ADAS) Tel: 706-791-0110
ID CARDS:  706-791-1930
Fax: 706-791-7942
Contact: Email

0730-1600 (M-F)
Closed Weekends & Holidays

Fort Gordon Military Personnel Services Division

The Adjutant General Office of Military Personnel Services Division manages the full range of military personnel support for the installation.  

Our goals are to provide quality military personnel support to all Soldiers, retirees, and family members; automate whenever possible to increase efficiency; maintain readiness of all units through proper utilization of assets; and to ensure eligibility of all soldiers identified to deploy.


Military Personnel Services Division

Military Personnel Division, Human Resources Directorate

Our mission is to deliver friendly diverse services to Soldiers, retired military, government civilians, government contractors and their families. Furthermore, provide sustainment services to maintain mission readiness of Military Personnel, Family members and Commanders of the greater Fort Gordon Community.

The Military Personnel Services Division (MPSD) provides military personnel services required by customers upon arrival/departure from the installation and other personnel actions initiated by the customer. Includes in and out processing, installation strength management services, eMILPO automation support services, reassignment actions, passport/visa applications, Soldier actions, OCS and MMRB boards, Soldier Readiness Processing (deployment and redeployment), Retirement and transition services processing, Trainee/Student personnel operations, processing of identification cards/tags, document certification, Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) enrollment, line of duty investigations, casualty reporting assistance, Military Personnel Files (MPF) records maintenance, emergency forms preparation, personal affairs, Department of Defense (DD) Forms 214 and publishing of orders.


Family Coverage SGLI Program

Service Member's Thrift Savings Plan

Enlisted Selections and Promotions

MPD at Your Fingertips

Important Notice!

If you are new to Fort Gordon and need to obtain your CAC identification card or need to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged card, the DEERS Office is on an appoinment only basis unless its a critical emergency. Please call 706-791-1930 to set up your appoinment.

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Exercise Your Right to Vote!

If you are looking for assistance in registering to vote or need some additional information locating your unit/organizational "Voting Assistance Officer", we're located in Darling Hal,l Room 250 or a phone call away at 706-791-1973.

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Let Us Know How We're Doing!

The Chief of Military Personnel Services Division would like very much to know your comments about our service and our website. Please click below to send your remarks or suggestions to the Project Director, Military Personnel Services Division.

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