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Military Personnel Services Division
Darling Hall
Chamberlain Avenue
Fort Gordon, GA 30905
Automated Directory Attendant System (ADAS) Tel: 706-791-0110
ID CARDS:  706-791-1930
Fax: 706-791-7942
Contact: Email

0730-1600 (M-F)
Closed Weekends & Holidays

Fort Gordon Military Personnel Services Division

The Adjutant General Office of Military Personnel Services Division manages the full range of military personnel support for the installation.  

Our goals are to provide quality military personnel support to all Soldiers, retirees, and family members; automate whenever possible to increase efficiency; maintain readiness of all units through proper utilization of assets; and to ensure eligibility of all soldiers identified to deploy.


Personnel Strength Management

The Personnel Management Branch is located in Room 262 of the Soldier Service Center (Darling Hall). Hours of operation:  0730 to 1600 hrs, Monday thru Friday (except Federal holidays)

Chief 791-4449
Officer Management 791-4505
Officer Reassignment 791-5188
Officer Promotions/OERs 791-3136
Student Officer Management 791-1971
Enlisted Reassignments/Levy (A-L) 791-2332
Enlisted Reassignments/Levy (M-Z) 791-1916
Passports/Family Travel 791-4349
Enlisted Management/Drill Sergeant Program 791-6627
FAX 791-1954


The U.S. Army established the Total Army Sponsorship Program to assist soldiers, civilian employees, and family members during the relocation process. Program participants are provided with accurate, timely information and other support needed to minimize problems associated with relocating to a new duty station. The program is available to the Active Army, the Army National Guard, the United States Army Reserve, and to civilian employees whose assignment to a position within the Department of the Army requires a permanent change of station (PCS).

Fort Gordon has developed a web site which enables a soldier who is being assigned to Fort Gordon to request a sponsor.  The web site is:

If you have any questions about the Sponsorship Program, contact this link:  Contact: Email

The Fort Gordon sponsorship program works closely with the Army Community Service (ACS) Agency, and relies on the local ACS center to provide relocating personnel with counseling, welcome packets and pre-move destination information.

We are interested in all of your comments about the Sponsorship Program.  Please complete the appropriate survey below (you will need your PCS orders to complete this survey):

For Out-Processing:
For In-Processing:
Sponsorship Training (eSAT):

Officer Management

Soldiers arriving after duty hours, weekends and holidays will report to the SDO located in the lobby, Darling Hall, Bldg #33720 or Center Duty Officer, Signal Towers.  DDEAMC Officers can report to the hospital Center Duty Officer. 

For more information please call DSN 780-4505/1953.  Commercial area code and prefix are (706) 791-xxxx

Officers inprocessing will need to present the following documents:

Officers departing:

Officers reassigned:

Officer Promotions:

2LT/WO1 Promotions:

Senior Promotions (DASO):

Officer Record Maintenance - 100% of Soldiers review their records when one of the following events occurs:

Officer Resignation:

Any Officer in the Active Army or USAR may tender a resignation or release from active duty (REFRAD) under provisions of AR 600-8-24.  An officer whose resignation has been accepted will be separated on the date specified by the Department of the Army. The date of separation, as specified or directed, cannot be changed without the prior approval of HQDA nor can valid separation orders be revoked subsequent to the approved date of separation.

A resignation may only be withdrawn with the approval of HQDA. Adjutant General. Strength Management Branch (791-4505) personnel will assist officers with applications. Approval of request will be sent by PERSCOM in the form of a Message to Personnel Management Branch who in turn will forward a copy of this message directing resignation and separation date to the Transition Center.

Officers should contact the ACAP (Army Career and Alumni Program) office when decision to resign is submitted.

Officer Retirements:

Officer retirements are processed at the Transition Point  on an appointment basis.  Applications for retirement may be submitted through the PAC on a DA Form 4187 one year from the requested retirement date. Once the DA Form 4187 is received by the Transition Point, an appointment for a briefing may be made at 791-4745.

Disability retirements are determined through Medical Board procedures. Once the Physical Evaluation Board has determined a soldier to be unfit and to be processed for retirement, the Fort Gordon Transition Point will contact the soldier.  For more information, call 791-4745.



The mission of the Family Travel/Passport Office is to provide assistance to soldiers and their dependents when PCS'ing overseas.  For questions, call 791-4349.

IAW 22 CFR 51.21 - Execution of passport application

In order to meet stringent audit accountability requirements within DoD, there is NO LONGER the issuance of passports for "JUST IN CASE," "POSSIBLE" or "MAYBE."   Agents WILL REQUEST "ALL" applicants to provide orders or travel justification and the destination of required travel.   The destination of travel is not "classified", only the mission and nature of the order.  Applicants unable to provide sufficient justification will be asked to return with the necessary proof of travel and support documents.  There are many types of orders documentation accepted for processing of passports to include:  TCS, PCS, TDY, TAD, RIF, RAD, RFO, TEMADD, MOB, CTO airline reservation or itinerary Form 1610, Form 1614/1617, Med Form 555, and ENG Form 4960. The passport office here at Fort Gordon can NO LONGER accept MEMO's/DS1056 signed by commanders in place of orders.

For additional information, click these links: 

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