U.S. Army Signal Network Enterprise Center- Fort Gordon

The Fort Gordon Army Signal Network Enterprise Center (NEC) provides services to the 7th Signal Command(T), US Army Signal Center of Excellence, Garrison, the Dwight D. Eisenhower Army Medical Center and a host of other tenant organizations on Fort Gordon installation. Fort Gordon is located in Augusta, Georgia, in a region commonly referred to as the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA).
The NEC offers services in the areas of Communications, Information Technology, and Information Assurance.
The NEC is charged with providing fundamental support in the areas of:

         1.Telephone Service
         2. Electronic Mail
         3. Local Area Networking (LAN) connectivity
         4. Wide Area Networking (WAN) interconnectivity
         5. Information Assurance
         6. LAN/WAN/Platform access management
         7. Network Operating System management and maintenance
         8. Platform Support Services
In addition, the NEC maintains expertise sufficient to support the customers on campus with extended IM/IT services as negotiated on a reimbursable basis.    



Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide timely and quality world class support to service members and civilians by implementing and executing effective and efficient Command, Control, Communications, computers, and information Management (C4IM) common-user policies, standards, architectures, programs, plans and budgets for communications, information assurance, and automations support.

Vision Statement: Highly skilled professional team delivering ubiquitous quality service to informed customers when they need it.

Command Video

Link to 7th Signal Command Video