U.S. Army Signal Network Enterprise Center- Fort Gordon


The Fort Gordon NEC is always looking to keep our community informed, educated, and trained to maintain a standard of excellence of the highest levels. Below you will find a set of instructions that will help you be better prepared.

If there are training documents you would like to see or any additional literature on specific subject matter, please feel free to contact the webmaster who will process your request for review.

Instruction Reference
Title Reference Type Download or URL
Mobile Radios Basic Service Manu1:49 PM 06/22/12al Download File
Digital Portable Radios Service Manual Download File
Land and Mobile Radio SOP Download File
AKO Set-Up & Forwarding Download File
Update your Work Phone Number and Address in the GAL Download File
CAC/PKI Reference Guide Download File
Common VPN Errors Download File
DOD Visitor End User Training Guide Download File
Phishing Awareness Download File
Data-At-Rest Download File
Recovering old CAC Certificates Download File
ATCTS Enrollment Download File
Army C4IM Services - AKO Restricted Download File
Army Publications & Forms Open Link
Policy Letter -Pre Approved Credit Card Download File
Standard PC Configurations Download File
SIPR PC Configurations Download File
Tracing Threat Calls Download File
Let's Talk Telephone Reference - VOIP Download File
Let's Talk Telephone Reference - Ft Gordon Download File
Let's Talk Telephone Reference - Gillem Enclave Download File
STRATCOMM ARMY Whitelist Registration Download File
STRATCOMM Elevated IA Privileges Download File
How to Guide for PIA Download File
NEC Gordon DAR - PII - Media Policy - BBB - AKO Restricted Download File
Nelson Hall VTC SOP -AKO Restricted Download File


Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide timely and quality world class support to service members and civilians by implementing and executing effective and efficient Command, Control, Communications, computers, and information Management (C4IM) common-user policies, standards, architectures, programs, plans and budgets for communications, information assurance, and automations support.

Vision Statement: Highly skilled professional team delivering ubiquitous quality service to informed customers when they need it.

Command Video

Link to 7th Signal Command Video