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Windows 7 Enterprise Deployment

Goal: In keeping with the tasking and guidelines outline within the 93rd Signal BDE OPORD 11-111,  the Fort Gordon Network Enterprise Center plans to successfully deploy Windows 7 Operating System (AGM 10) to all designated desktop and laptop computers within the Fort Gordon and Gillem Enclave on or before 28 Dec 12.

Scope Of Work:
Designated personnel from the Fort Gordon Network Enterprise Center (NEC) have been assigned to plan, coordinate, test, validate compatibility, schedule, and complete the migration of windows desktop/laptop systems on NIPRNET and SIPRNET to Windows 7 OS (AGM 10) NLT 28 December. AGM 10.02 is the most recent defined baseline standardization for office productivity computing. This baseline standardization was designed to provide a standard desktop solution with core applications for the common user groups throughout Department of the Army. The NEC team, working in conjunction with organizational and/or unit Information Assurance Security Officer/Information Assurance Network Officer (IASO/IANO), will migrate all user desktops and/or laptops from Microsoft Vista to MS Windows 7 Enterprise OS. In keeping with industries best practices and past lessons learned, the migration will be completed in a phased approach.  All migrations will be coordinated and scheduled with each organization via the appointed IASO/IANO’s. The deployment of the  new AGM image will be completed in one of four ways…i.e. Ghosting, Peer to Peer Duplication, PXE boot, and/or SCCM. The NEC/IASO/IANO’s combined objectives and milestones are listed below and subject to change as appropriate.

Project Background:
CIO-G6 Memorandum dated 15 August 2006 established the AGM as the standard source of common operating system (OS) baseline configurations. The Army releases periodic version upgrades to provide an updated secure workstation environment.  The mainstream support for AGM 9, the current baseline based on the Windows Vista OS, will expire on 28 December. AGM 10 replaces AGM 9 and supports both 32 and 64 bit configurations. Once end users are migration to AGM 10, they will be equipped with the most current approved OS. This migration includes all supported desktops and laptops within the Fort Gordon ICAN.
o Complete commercial off the shelf (COTS) applications compatibility assessment testing
o  Develop test environment and validate migration process
o  Develop a single Baseline AGM 10 image that will be managed through Group Policy or SCCM
o  Eliminate and/or reduce user intervention during migration
o  Provide seamless transition for user from AGM 9 to AGM 10
o  Ensure all privileges and functionality are maintained
o  Complete follow-up with customer as required
o  Provide migration and introduction to Windows 7 training to IASOs/IANOs
o  Provide problem and configuration training to IASOs/IANOs as appropriate

Migration Documents:
Windows 7 IANO Pre-Deployment Checklist
IANO Windows 7 Check Sheet
End User Instructions for Pre-Migration
Windows 7 Enterprise Migration Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)
Organization Deployment Request
Migration Availability
Windows 7 Status
Windows 7 Image List By Model

Milestones & Tentative Timeline:
*All dates are subject to change upon completion of tasks

Jul  2012      Notify all customers of deployment plan via various means
                      Revalidate Application Data Call after Year End Purchase
                      Start migration of Fort Gordon/Gillem (NIPR)
Aug               Complete 50% Migration of Fort Gordon/Gillem (NIPR)
Sep               Complete 100% Migration of Fort Gordon/Gillem (NIPR)
                      Review migration results and discussed lessons learned (NIPR)
                      Reconcile all deficiencies found during Fort Gordon ICAN migration (NIPR)
                      Start migration of Fort Gordon/Gillem (SIPR)
Oct                Complete 100% Migration of Fort Gordon/Gillem (SIPR)
Nov               Review migration results and discussed lessons learned (SIPR)
                      Reconcile all deficiencies found during Fort Gordon ICAN migration (SIPR)
Dec               Migrate remaining Fort Gordon/Gillem customers identified during review
Dec 28         Project Complete; Lessons Learned and closure


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