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Office of the Staff Judge Advocate (OSJA)
267 Heritage Park Lane
Building 35202
Fort Gordon, GA 30905
Tel: 706-791-7812/7813
DSN: 780-7812/7813
Fax: 706-791-6529



MON. 0800-1600
  Estate Planning Consultation by Appointment Only
TUE. 0800-1600
WED. 0800-1600
  Divorce Briefing: 1300
THU. Closed:
  Will Executions:
FRI. 0800-1530
Notary & POA - Walk-In During Normal Operating Hours
Appointments can be made in person or by calling 706-791-7812/7813.


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Fort Gordon Office of the Staff Judge Advocate

The Office of the Staff Judge Advocate at Fort Gordon, Georgia provides a full range of legal and non-legal support with excellence and distinction. A total soldier-civilian team effort that:

  • is an integral part of the Signal Regiment and Fort Gordon community.
  • responds quickly to the legal and non-legal needs of commanders, staffs, soldiers, retirees and civilians at Fort Gordon.
  • Office hours are Monday through Friday from 0730 to 1600. See the Legal Assistance and Claims pages for customer service hours and procedures

Powers of Attorney

OSJA Power of AttorneyA Power of Attorney is a document by which one person, the "principal", gives another person, the "agent", authority to act on the principal’s behalf.

Types of Powers of Attorney: A Power of Attorney can be general or special.

General Powers of Attorney

A General Power of Attorney grants power to act for the principal in all situations. This allows your agent to do virtually anything you would be able to do if you were present.

Special Powers of Attorney

A special or limited Power of Attorney only authorizes your agent to do specific things on your behalf. For example, a special Power of Attorney might allow your agent to receive your household goods shipment or secure medical care for your children while you are away.

Creating Powers of Attorney

You create a Power of Attorney by signing a notarized document authorizing another person (your agent) to act on your behalf.

Military members often create Powers of Attorney in preparation for a move to a new assignment or a deployment. Spouses, and other family members, are granted Powers of Attorney to allow them to make financial arrangements for the payment of bills, ship or receive household goods shipments, register vehicles, and other things while the military service member is out of the area.

Warning: Powers of Attorney are DANGEROUS for precisely the same reason that they are useful – your agent has the power to do things in your name (including buying or selling property, opening new lines of credit and running up charges, withdrawing money from your bank account)! It is very important that Powers of Attorney only be granted to people that you trust to act responsibly and in accordance with your wishes. Whenever possible, issue Powers of Attorney that are limited in the scope of the authority granted and in the time period during which the authority can be exercised.

Remember that you may revoke a Power of Attorney at any time even if the document contains a specific termination date. You should advise anyone who may have dealings with your agent that the Power of Attorney has been revoked and that your former agent is no longer authorized to act on your behalf.

Free notary service is available at the Legal Assistance Office during normal operating hours. In addition, many other Powers of Attorney (POAs) are available at the Legal Assistance Office, on a walk-in basis – You don’t have to make an appointment to get a Power of Attorney!

The following is a list of some of the most frequently requested Powers of Attorney:

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