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Signal Center of Excellence
Warrior Transition Battalion
434th Signal Corps Band
15th Signal Brigade
369th Signal Battalion
447th Signal Battalion
551st Signal Battalion
73rd Ordinance Battalion
7th Signal Command
35th Signal Brigade
63rd Signal Battalion
67th Signal Battalion
359th Signal Brigade
132nd Engineer Detachment
513th MI Brigade
202nd MI Battalion
224th MI Battalion
297th MI Battalion
706th MI Group
707th MI Battalion
782nd MI Battalion
324th Signal Battalion


31st Intelligence Squadron
480th ISR Group


Marine Detachment, Satellite Communication School
Cryptologic Support Battalion


NAVY Information Operations Command
Center for Information Dominance

Fort Gordon Units

The Army activated the Installation Management Command (IMCOM) on Oct. 24, 2006 to consolidate and strengthen installation support services to Soldiers and their families through the full authority of command.

The new command placed the former Installation Management Agency (IMA) under a single command as a direct reporting unit.

The IMCOM mission is to manage Army installations to support readiness and mission execution, provide equitable services and facilities, optimize resources, sustain the environment and enhance the well being of the military community.

Units at Fort Gordon


U.S. Army Signal Center of Excellence (SigCoE)
(706) 791-0110, DSN 780-0110, Building 29808
The U.S. Army Signal Center of Excellence (Signal CoE) trains more military personnel than any other branch training center of the U.S. Army. The multifaceted mission of the Signal Center of Excellence encompasses training, doctrine and force integration.The Signal CoE conducts specialized instruction for all Signal Regiment military and Department of the Army civilian personnel and provides doctrine and training development support publications. Three U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command capability managers coordinate acquisition and fielding of major systems. Force integration is accomplished through the life cycle management of all major communications-electronics systems under study or in development for future use in the Army.

Warrior Transition Battalion
(706) 787-1734, DSN 773-1734, Building 327
Warrior Transition Battalion is a subordinate battalion of Eisenhower Army Medical Center, Fort Gordon. Its mission is to restore the injured Soldier and return him or her to fighting strength. Those that cannot be healed will then, with dignity and compassion, be assisted through the transitions back to civilian life.

434th U.S. Army Signal Corps Band
(706) 791-3113, DSN 780-3113, Building 29609
The 434th U.S. Army Signal Corps Band is comprised of approximately 40 musicians from across the United States. After a long, distinctive history from being organized in February 1943 as the 4th Engineer Amphibian Brigade Band, the U.S. Army Signal Corps Band received its current designation in June 1985. The band, a Training and Doctrine Command modification table of organization and equipment unit, continues to perform its duties of promoting morale and esprit de corps by providing suitable music for military ceremonies, formal concerts and recreational activities.

Signal and Ordnance Warriors - 15th Regimental Signal Brigade
Voice of the Army...Faithful Service
(706) 791-8314, DSN 780-8314 Building 25710, 606 Barnes Ave., Fort Gordon, GA 30809
Training is the primary mission of the 15th Regimental Signal Brigade. This mission is as diverse as the personnel who train here and the equipment that they learn to install, operate and maintain. The brigade conducts world class training to produce expeditionary Signal and Ordnance warriors with full spectrum competencies who live the Soldiers Creed. It provides tough and realistic training in a contemporary operating environment that focuses on tactical and technical skills, knowledge and abilities.

369th Signal Battalion
Warriors Lead the Way!
(706) 791-3502, DSN 780-3502, Building 29602
The mission of the 369th Signal Battalion is to graduate highly motivated and disciplined Signal Soldiers who embody the Army values, are physically fit, technically knowledgeable and fully prepared for their first duty assignment. The “Warrior” Battalion currently trains Soldiers in three military occupational specialties: Signal Support Systems Specialist (25U), Cable Systems Installer/Maintainer (25L) and Radio Operator/Maintainer (25C).

447th Signal Battalion
Centurions—On to Victory
(706) 791-5481, DSN 780-5481, Building 25601
The 447th Signal Battalion’s mission is to train and graduate highly motivated, disciplined, physically fit, technically knowledgeable Signal Soldiers that live the Army values, whom are able to immediately contribute to their unit mission. The 447th Signal Battalion provides instruction and support for the following military occupational specialties: 25B Information Technology Specialist, 25M Multimedia Illustration, 25R Visual Information and Equipment Operator, 46R Broadcast Journalist and 46Q Journalist.

551st Signal Battalion
Patriots, “Watch and Warn
(706) 791-4124, DSN 780-4124, Building 25605
The 551st Signal Battalion, the “Patriot Battalion,” has a rich history beginning as an Aircraft Early Warning Battalion to present day as a part of the 15th Regimental Signal Brigade, assigned to the Training and Doctrine Command, and its performance of a challenging and daunting training mission. Its mission is two-fold. First, the battalion is responsible for transforming basically trained Soldiers into physically fit, confident warriors, able to live by the Army’s values and warrior ethos. The second element is the responsibility to develop these Soldiers into technically competent and tactically proficient Soldiers, well-versed in the critical tasks associated with the military occupational specialties, and able to contribute to unit mission upon arrival.

73rd Ordnance Battalion
Can Do Cobras
(706) 791-2926, DSN 780-2926, Building 25604
The 73rd Ordnance Battalion is a training battalion of the 59th Ordnance Brigade, Redstone Arsenal, Ala. and is attached to the 15th Regimental Signal Brigade at Fort Gordon. The 73rd trains and develops both Ordnance Corps initial entry training Soldiers and non-initial entry training Soldiers. The training covers five Ordnance electronic maintenance military occupational specialties taught by civilian and military instructors from the Ordnance Electronic Maintenance Training Department, which is a school of the U.S. Army Ordnance Munitions and Electronics Maintenance School at Redstone Arsenal and two warrant officer courses.

7th Signal Command (Theater)
One Team, One Network!
(706) 787-7858, DSN 773-7858, Building 21715
The 7th Signal Command was activated at Fort Gordon in July 2008. The Army’s newest Signal command is responsible for the integration, security and defense of the Army LandWarNet within the Continental U.S. (CONUS). The 7th Signal Command is designed to extend LandWarNet capabilities to generating and operating forces in support of CONUS-based information-enabled expeditionary operations. The command is one of five theater Signal Commands worldwide, and is a subordinate element of NETCOM/9th SC (Army) at Fort Huachuca, Ariz.

35th Signal Brigade
The Lion Brigade
(706) 791-9306, DSN 780-9306 Building 25526
The 35th Signal Brigade is a subordinate element of the XVIII Airborne Corps. The 35th Signal Brigade rapidly deploys worldwide to provide and protect Expeditionary C4 Systems and Networks for the Army Service Component Commanders and Combatant Commanders, as well as Joint Task Force and Coalition Headquarters in order to enable joint and combined battle command across the full spectrum of network centric operations and warfare.

63rd Expeditionary Signal Battalion
Proud and Ready
(706) 791-2629/8058, DSN 780-2629 Building 28510
The 63rd Signal Battalion (Expeditionary) is a subordinate unit of the 35th Signal Brigade. The 63rd Signal Battalion deploys worldwide by air, sea or land to install, operate and maintain command, control, communications and computer (C4) systems in support of joint and combined operations across the entire spectrum of conflict.

67th Expeditionary Signal Battalion
Rapid, Flexible and Reliable
(706) 791-6956/6963, DSN 780-6956 Building 25525
The 67th Signal Battalion (Expeditionary) is a subordinate unit of the 35th Signal Brigade. The 67th Signal Battalion deploys worldwide by air, sea or land to install, operate and maintain command, control, communications and computer (C4) systems in support of joint and combined operations across the entire spectrum of conflict.

359th Signal Brigade
Command and Communicate
(706) 791-5746, DSN 780-5746, Building 14401
The 359th Theater Tactical Signal Brigade, headquartered at Fort Gordon, exercises command and control over Army Reserve Soldiers in six states. The brigade has a distinguished history dating back to 1944 when it served admirably in Brazil and was decorated with the Meritorious Unit Commendation Award for its accomplishments.

132nd Engineer Detachment (Geospatial Production Cell)
706) 791-2404/1496, DSN 780-2404/1496, Building 21714
The 132nd Engineer Detachment is an US ARMY ARCENT subordinate unit. The unit serves as a Geospatial Production Cell (GPC) that provides accurate digital information from tactical to strategic level to support Theater Army operations in CENTCOM AOR. The 132nd Engineer Detachment conducts geospatial operational planning, analysis, and advises the Commander and Staff on geospatial operations in support of theater.

513th Military Intelligence Brigade
(706) 791-9177, DSN 780-9177, Building 21710, Bay B, Barnes Ave.
The 513th Military Intelligence (MI) Brigade is a Theater MI Brigade that operates under the administrative control of U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) and under the operational control of U.S. Army Central (ARCENT)/3rd Army. The brigade’s mission is to conduct intelligence in support of ARCENT full spectrum operations in the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) area of responsibility (AOR) to defeat adversaries, promote regional stability, support allies, and protect U.S. national interests.

202nd Military Intelligence Battalion (Forward Collection)
(706) 791-9496, DSN 780-9496 Building 21722
The 202nd Military Intelligence Battalion is a deployable Forward Collection Battalion that conducts continuous overt human intelligence collection, counterintelligence activities, and signals intelligence collection and analysis in support of U.S. Army Central (ARCENT) to defeat adversaries, promote regional stability, support allies, and protect U.S. national interests; the battalion supports other commands as directed.

224th Military Intelligence Battalion (Aerial Exploitation)
(912) 315-5873, DSN 729-5873 Building 1324, Hunter Army Airfield, Ga.
The 224th Military Intelligence Battalion (Aerial Exploitation) is based at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, Ga. The battalion deploys and conducts aerial signals and imagery intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance in support of designated and supported warfighting commanders in the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) Area of Responsibility.

297th Military Intelligence Battalion (Operations)
(706) 791-9014, DSN 780-9014, Building 21717
The 297th Military Intelligence Battalion is the operations battalion for the 513th MI Brigade. The battalion plans, coordinates, manages, and directs Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) synchronization, and dissemination in support of national, combined, Joint Task Force (JTF), interagency, multi-national, and Theater Army Service Component Commander (ASCC)

706th Military Intelligence Group NSA/CSS Georgia
(762) 206-8706/5745, DSN 780-8706/5745 Building 61500
The 706th Military Intelligence Group conducts continuous full spectrum Signals Intelligence and Computer Network Operations at NSA/CSS Georgia in order to gain information dominance in support of National, Combined, Joint, and Army decision-makers and to shape future Army intelligence capabilities.

707th Military Intelligence Battalion
(762) 206-9201,(706) 831-3289, DSN 780-9201/3289 Building 61500
The 707th Military Intelligence Battalion provides technically proficient Soldiers to conduct and enable NSAG’s continuous SIGINT operations and global communications, and conducts FOUNDRY training.

782nd Military Intelligence Battalion
"Everywhere and the fight"
(706) 791-5728, DSN 780-5728 Building 24701
The782nd Military Intelligence Battalion, is a Cyber battalion that is part of the 780th Military Intelligence Brigade. Its mission directs the unit to conduct signals intelligence, computer network operations, and enables Dynamic Computer Network Defense Operations of Army and Defense networks. The unit supports the U.S. Army and the Department of Defense in providing tactical support to Army Brigade Combat Teams world-wide through strategic support to other services, joint commanders and interagency partners.

324th Signal Battalion
(706) 791-9053, DSN 780-9053 Building 14401
The 324th Signal Battalion, U.S. Army Reserve Command, an Echelons Above Corps unit, is tasked with providing tactical subscriber communications systems in support of units located in its area of operation. The most modern Echelons Above Corps Signal Battalion in the reserve forces pool, the 324th is equipped with state-of-the-art digital group multiplexing equipment and automatic voice switches.


31st Intelligence Squadron
Desert Knights “No Borders, No Limits
(706) 791-0004, DSN 780-0004 Building 28423
The 31st Intelligence Squadron is the United States Air Force component of the National Security Agency/Central Security Service-Georgia field site and subordinate to the Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency. It conducts both national and tactical intelligence operations in support of combat operations, plans and forces for three joint combatant commands. The unit also conducts intelligence operations in support of the air component commanders, air forces and Airmen of those combatant commands.

480th ISR Group
(access for GCSS-AF Portal accounts only)
(762) 206-9021/9018
The 480th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group conducts real-time tactical and national intelligence collection, exploitation, analysis and reporting operations. The Group provides cryptologic products and services to war fighters and decision makers operating in, or concerned with, the CENTCOM, EUCOM, AFRICOM and SOCOM areas of responsibility. The Group also conducts Air Force National Tactical Integration and Tactics Analysis Studies Element missions for the 609th Air and Space Operations Center and is the Air Force component of the National Security Agency-Central Security Service-Georgia. The Group consists of the 3rd Intelligence Squadron and the 31st Intelligence Squadron, both located at Fort Gordon, Georgia.


Marine Detachment, Satellite Communication School
For more information for course or assignment for Permanent Change of Station, contact Detachment Gunnery Sergeant 706-791-9657 or Administrative Chief 706-791-8880.

Company D, Marine Cryptologic Support Battalion is one of seven operational letter companies assigned in a separate detached status under the command (less operational control) of the Commanding Officer, Marine Cryptologic Support Battalion, Fort Meade, Md. Company D conducts operations within the National Security Agency/ Central Security Services.


Navy Information Operations Command, Ga.
(762) 206-9581, DSN 780-9581 Building 28423
Navy Information Operations Command, Georgia (NAVIOCOM Georgia) was originally commissioned as Naval Security Group Activity, Fort Gordon (NSGAFG). NSGAFG was commissioned on Nov. 1, 1995 at Fort Gordon to perform Naval Security Group-related functions. Specifically, NSGAFG provided operational cryptologic personnel to support the Fort Gordon Regional Security Operations Center (GRSOC). In summer 2005, the GRSOC was renamed the National Security Agency/Central Security Service, Georgia (NSA/CSS GA). NSA/CSS Georgia serves as a joint service facility established by the Director, National Security Agency to conduct continuous security operations in support of national and Warfighter intelligence requirements.

Center for Information Dominance Learning Site
(706) 791-7027, DSN 780-7027 Building 25702
Center for Information Dominance (CENINFODOM) Learning Site, Fort Gordon Detachment is a tenant command of the Center for Information Dominance, Corry Station located in Pensacola, Fla. CENINFODOM provides Navy enlisted personnel with the skills and knowledge required to operate and maintain all components of the Defense Satellite Communications Systems, Cryptologic systems, and Apprentice Cryptologic Linguist Programs.


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